Universal Screening with the CerviLenz device

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Immediate Cervical Length

A step-wise approach using the CerviLenz procedure to identify patients for TVU follow-up makes clinical and cost sense.

Routine prenatal visit. Nurse, midwife, or physician. Quick and easy. Billable procedure.

Once you’ve tried the CerviLenz device, we’re confident you’ll see its value to your patients and your practice. We can help you get started today.

For Medical Professionals Only

More evidence for the CerviLenz device!

Two new independent studies conclude that the CerviLenz device is an effective first line tool to screen for patients who do not require further evaluation with TVU.

In a study of 99 patients, a CerviLenz measurement < 25 mm predicted a TVU cervical length < 25 mm (89% sensitivity, 90% specificity, 95% negative predictive value, 77% positive predictive value). Click here to see all the data, presented as a poster at the SMFM 2013 Annual Meeting.

In a different study comparing 253 CerviLenz measurements to 259 TVU cervical length measurements, a CerviLenz measurement < 24 mm predicted a TVU cervical length < 25 mm (84% sensitivity, 73% specificity, 98% negative predictive value, 25% positive predictive value). Click here to request a reprint of the study.